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Monthly Draw for Song Recording

25th June 2020

The winners of this months song recording at Soundtree Studios is Ignition. Congratulations guys email me and I’ll give you the details on who to contact.

Riffraff “The Label“ 101

11th June 2020

We are here for young artists and will be supporting gigs, advising etc regardless of artists signing up on The Label.  If we do both decide to work together in a more robust capacity our aim as Your Label is to leave nothing to chance. You are and will be treated as a member of […]

Win free recording and mastering session

9th June 2020

Generation Z Musos win free recording and mastering session at Soundtree in Tauranga while showcasing your music on our free platform.

Making It Happen

13th February 2020

Making Shit Happen We all dream the rock and roll dream of making it big, fast cars and parties every night but getting there for most will never happen. Most of us are only doing it for the buzz of playing and if that’s your reason for playing too then enjoy. If you do want […]

Starting A Band

3rd February 2020

How to Start a Band: You’ve honed your skills, and you’re at the point where you want to start gigging with a band. Joining a band is the easiest way to hit the ground running with the opportunity to perform in front of a ready-made fanbase. Yet, it may be difficult to find a group […]