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Riffraff “The Label“ 101

Riffraff “The Label“ 101

11th June 2020

We are here for young artists and will be supporting gigs, advising etc regardless of artists signing up on The Label. 

If we do both decide to work together in a more robust capacity our aim as Your Label is to leave nothing to chance. You are and will be treated as a member of the Riffraff family.

Platforms like CD Baby and DRM take 25% commission for linking your music with global digital networks. In contrast Riffraff not only link your EP with the same platforms we do so much more. We chose to work with you and believe in you. Your music is much more than an algorithm.

We will communicate with you every step of the way and expect the same from you. We will give you shit if you don’t meet deadlines and argue with you about song selections etc but that’s because we love you lol.

Our preference is to do a 80/20 split after costs option; in your favour of course. Note only on the revenue from sales and performing not on royalties to the actual songs.

Note some of the * options may incur quite hefty costs and we would look at these on a case by case basis. The rest we will provide as part of our service to you. If we don’t recoup our outlay we take the hit not the artist.

Note the most important promotion for any new artist is live gigs whether you are paid or not and we will support you in getting these although you might need to travel for some. Six60 toured the small towns for years in decrepit vans to get their home support. Now they can sell out Western Springs but it wasn’t luck.

We will
Manage your 4 to 6 song EP content.
*Provide facilities to record songs.
Set up release dates.
Provide you with cover art options.

Promotion support building up to release date and beyond.
Distribute your EP through our own media channels (vast). This includes promoters, TV, radio, other labels, headlining bands etc.
Promote internationally through “Submit” to blogs, radio stations, labels, spotify playlists and influencers.
*Video promotion of band and first single.
*Support in merchandise design, creation and sales.

Live Play
Submit and promote to radio stations in NZ for AirPlay.
Submit your music to Independent Music NZ (IMNZ) for their playlist and opportunities for their national awards like the Taite Awards.
Showcase on Riffraff Live radio station.
Find, negotiate and promote live gigs both free and paying.

Monetise through all the media and music platforms with “Tune Core”.
*Can advance money if needed but within reason.

*Provide option to record and market EP on vinyl or CD.

*Can recommend a manager if needed although early days.

Key Message 

We believe in you and are prepared to take a financial risk on you.  Likewise you are comfortable with us and trust that we can deliver on what we say, and have your best interest at heart.

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