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How it Works

Showcase your music with our online platform

Looking for a music platform to advertise your music?

Generation Z, you have an amazing opportunity to advertise your music talent across the world courtesy of Riff Raff.  We’ve created a user-friendly online platform for solo artists and bands allowing you to share your music, get professional support and mix with other like-minded musicians.

This is your opportunity to upload your original music, your vids, your bio and your voice on a site that will soon become a pivotal community for young musicians. Think about it; your sound will be seen by thousands of fellow enthusiasts including promoters, managers and distributors.

Our network of industry leaders include names such as APRA AMOCS NZ, and Independent Music NZ  and this is your opportunity to get noticed.

Our artist pages are for the under 30 brigade and not Generation X or Boomers sorry; although we do love you too and please support our Z brothers and sisters by liking and sharing their music.

How do I use Riff Raff to promote my music?
It’s very easy to get started simply jump over to our create your profile page, fill out the online profile form, load your music and videos and away you go! We will also be getting in touch with artists to hold gigs in your regions and even nationally. This shouldn’t deter overseas bands either as we have contacts keen to do the same in several countries.

How much does it cost?
It’s free to create your own artist page with no hidden costs.

Our experienced team will help you set up unpaid gigs, get you spots opening for more experienced bands and help with promotion. If you show real potential and commitment we may even be able to source paid gigs and front up the costs for quality recording studio time. If required we can help with merchandise and even recommend a management structure should you wish to go to that level, but in the meantime just make music.

Use our music platform to showcase you, create your profile, load your songs, read the information blogs which are like a band 101, and tune into and enjoy other bands . If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Rock on!!