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Canterbury | Pop

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Keira Michelle Jonkers (KEI) is a New Zealand singer, songwriter, musician and producer, who mixes pop with R&B, jazz and rock elements.
Her musical influences range from Chris Cornell and Serj Tankien to H.E.R and Labrinth.
Keira grew up in a very musical household, originally from Huapai, north-west Auckland, she moved to North New Brighton, in Christchurch at the age of 10.
The move to Christchurch was very beneficial to her musical journey, it was at this point that she really focussed herself on her music, and implemented theory and practice into her everyday routine.
Schooling options were prioritised around her Musical ambitions, with schools providing many opportunities both as a solo and an ensemble artist through performances and competitions alike. Keira joined Sole music Academy early into her high school years, through SMA she was able to develop herself as a solo artist, and network with like minded musicians and professionals.
When creating works Keira likes to visualize a song like a project, taking inspiration from other creators' works to make something original and interesting of her own. She has been working on expanding the themes of her songs so they are relatable to a wider audience.
Keira has written in excess of 20 songs, writing both the Vocal and Instrument parts of the music, she works mainly with Ableton as this gives her better control of the live function of the program, for stage performance.
It is her vision and hope for people listening to her music that they feel like they’re not alone, she wants people to not only appreciate it as a sound, but as an art form.