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Lebron Cosgrave

Wellington | Rock

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When you hear the name Lebron Cosgrave, you can either thing about the basketball player, the decathlon athlete or even the musician. Yes Lebron has many passions but the one he expresses the most is his music.

Lebron first got into music in his 5th year of school playing drums but only played for about a year. He didn’t start doing music again until year eight when he started listening to a lot of rap and rock from artists like Queen, Snoop Dogg and many others.

In 2021, Lebron started to only listen to rock artists but was heavily teased for his taste. That year he made his first piece called Gimmie 12. During that year he started to learn piano, bass and vocals.

In 2022 he formed the rock band The Local Misfits but left in July 2023 with his band mate Quinn Eady to form ‘The Star Thrower’ which was formerly named QLD but changed when Frey Diggle joined.

Now lebron has just released his album called Lenny which was an instant hit.