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Riff and Raff want to be rockers sadly it’s altogether difficult when you’re just two heads and worse two joined together heads. Luckily a kind cartoonist has given them arms and even instruments so now get ready for beautiful noise.

Next step for them is to form a band and load their sounds on Riffraff Promotions jamming page.  The fact the website and indeed the company is named after them is totally lost to them. Their focus is rightly on making loud music.

Now that Riff and Raff have a band and have some amazing recordings from Sound Tree, they are ready to load their music on their own band page. Check it out. They will be able to not only share their heady sounds with young musos across the world but can also listen to some smooth sounds from other non-two headed bands.

They hope to make Band of the Month and get free merch. Getting on Riff Raff radio is also a priority.  So much going on Riff has a head ache.

Raff tells him to pull his head in as there are now opportunities for them to do live gigs and even be headhunted for other bands. Music connoisseurs can sponsor or even book them to headline their own shows . They are thinking about designing their own tee shirts with two head holes or maybe caps.

Join Riff and Raff and get your sounds up on our page.  Make sure they are originals only please and the better the quality the more listener. Give your  band a head start.

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