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Level up

Level up with Riff Raff music promotion opportunities

From organising a recording studio session, video production, promotion and sorting live gigs to developing and selling your own merchandise, we can point you in the right direction to help you take your music to the next level.

If you live in the upper North Island we have a good deal with a legendary local recording studio who are fully supportive of nurturing young talent and have hugely cut their recording costs for all our artists; and even better it’s old school all the way. Here you can even stay on the premises so hit us up if you want to get some songs professionally done. And despite what people say, there is a big difference between recording in your garage or your school when compared to a professional studio.

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There’s no doubt that merchandise has become a big part of music and plays a vital role in any musician’s career. Most passionate musos will have a t-shirt or two with their favourite band logo or images proudly emblazoned across it.  When you feel ready to create your own merch, we can help. See our Merchandise page for our own Riffraff brand.

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Another valuable service we can offer is mentoring from professional musicians. Our contacts at IMNZ and MMF NZ and successful musicians have offered to provide young musicians with guidance and advice.

Time to go live with professional music promotion

Playing and gigging is the reason we love music and if you want to we can help you take this to the next level.  From gigs in small venues to providing opportunities to open for other acts, we have contacts who can open stage doors for you and this will grow as we do.

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When you get to the point where you’re booking regular gigs, it may be time to consider getting a manager but don’t be in too much of a hurry to go here. We can match you with a professional manager who will look after you as a musician, liaising with promoters, recording studios and the like. A link we have placed on your artist page seeking support for your music may even see one come forward to find you

We at Riffraff are looking forward to seeing what you’ve got. So start your artist profile today and let’s get started.  Rock and roll.

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Note: there may be costs for some of these services although for some artists these may be waived