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Making It Happen

Making It Happen

13th February 2020

Making Shit Happen

We all dream the rock and roll dream of making it big, fast cars and parties every night but getting there for most will never happen. Most of us are only doing it for the buzz of playing and if that’s your reason for playing too then enjoy.

If you do want more then you have to work bloody hard.  Read most band biographies and you’ll see nothing was ever handed to them on a platter. Life for some of New Zealand’s most successful bands was at times stress city.  Many good bands never ever even make that jump

Key points right here

You have to want it and by wanting it I mean nothing else matters.  Your whole band has to feel the same or you’re carrying passengers. You all need to be on the same page

Your band is your life your social life your working life and your love life.  No time for relationships or much else Your band is your family they are your best mates most of the time lol. Don’t date your  band members

You need good communication and be able to say what you think when it’s needed.  This is built on trust and don’t forget to look at yourself before mouthing off. Don’t mouth off lol. Have a set safe time to debrief and do it sober.

You need to have a plan and set goals. These have to be realistic and measurable.  Playing a sold out gig at western springs isn’t going to happen unless you’ve done the hard yards. Six60 played pubs all around New Zealand for years before they started getting recognition. Of course having a shit hot sound helped them  too but they put in the graft

Practice like hell in your spare time so band sessions are all about putting all the parts together. Nothing worse than someone turning up wasting everyone’s time.

Take up every opportunity to play live that’s where you learn your craft that’s where you get that band synergy. It’s not about money,  play anywhere.

Watch live bands and take note of good things that worked for that band and things that didn’t   Social media is massive too so use it to promote you.

Travel cheaply to gigs stay with family friends etc but get out there   You are not going to get noticed playing the Opotiki rsa every weekend but when there’s nowhere else to play you still need to.

Get a van or something to get your gear around it’s much cheaper and good bonding times.

You don’t need a paid  manager until you’re cracking big gigs.  Your mate, brother, sister is fine for now. Ask for advice when you meet others with more experience and never think you know everything cos you don’t.  You don’t have to act on it but getting others perspective is important

Be reliable at gigs turning up on time etc.  Have reliable gear. Shit PA or crackly amps dont reflect well on you

Social Media.  This is huge you need to put a lot of effort into this.  Thankfully Riffraff have this amazing platform but you need to link in and be visible on all the platforms.

Music is bloody fun and if that’s all you want from it ignore most of the above and just do it. But if it’s your life plan A B and C then my friend you need to work your ass off

Rock and Roll

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